#864) No Marauder’s Map Needed

If you are a devotee of the Harry Potter book series, as I am, you will recognize an oft-repeated incantation, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Rule-breaking students who are lucky enough to be holding a marauder’s map can activate its magic with this sentence. The bewitched parchment of the marauder’s map will then show the whereabouts of all Hogwarts staff members (to keep clear of) and secret passageways (to utilize for whatever planned mischief).
But neither Ron Weasley or Hermione Granger held a marauder’s map at this moment. Ron sat on Hermione’s four poster bed in the Gryffindor girls’ section with Hermione sitting perched on his lap. They’d been snogging; they both found that french kissing was such an erotic way to express ones’ longing for more, such an entertaining way to express ones’ desire. Tongues twirled around one another, dancing across the other’s teeth, tickling the roofs of mouths, practically gagging ones’ partner with how deep they explored. They inspected tonsils like both were intern ear-nose-and-throat doctors. But french kissing was just a means to an end, a way of revving the engines for still-more erotic endeavors.
Hermione had been talking to Ginny Weasley, Ron’s younger sister and Harry Potter’s girlfriend. Ginny shared the secret that she’d just discovered the hottest foreplay ever, hanky-spanky, they called it. Madonna herself had sung about the wonders of corporal percussion play.
The ginger-haired guy stared into the eyes of the bushy-haired girl as they recited in unison, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!” Then with a wicked smile on her face, Hermione stood-up and wriggled her blue jeans and underwear down to her ankles and fairly dove across her lover’s lap. Ron was concerned, so inspected the twin orbs of Hermione’s heiny thoroughly, as though he’d exchanged his doctoral degree for one in proctology. He patted and pinched the pink pulchritude of her pert posterior. He saw no lingering effects from the horrendous hiding that the dastardly Snape had inflicted on this very bottom just a few weeks ago. Ron allowed his pinches to part her bum, and welcoming the intrusion, Hermione relaxed completely and let him. The tightest, most virginal, pinkest petaled rosebud was revealed. Ron felt hypnotized by the simple beauty of the sight.
“Hey, quit gawking and get spanking!” his girlfriend called back at him and wiggled her adorable little arse for encouragement.
Youth is wasted on the young. Neither of these late-teenagers realized what treasures they possessed in healthy bodies and animal attraction and unbridled lust and unlimited love, precious possessions that they willingly shared with this cherished partner. And maybe this was the biggest jewel. Both Ron and Hermione had harbored fantasies about spanking, and now to discover that what had been feared to be a freakish fault was now seen as a strong common bond was mind-blowing! To be accurate, for Ron it was a mild curiosity. He’d heard about it in the media and wanted to experiment. For Hermione it was a long-held ache to have answered. She hated always being the smartest one in the room, longed to be dominated, made to feel like the little girl she had never had the chance to be.
She arched up ass up toward him. He answered by giving it a sharp, stinging slap.
“Oh!” Hermione gasped.
“Too much?” Ron solicited immediately.
“No… just right, give me more…” Of course, the girl used to being best would Top from the bottom without reserve, but it was just one for thing to feel guilty about, to need to have corrected, to have spanked out of her.
Ron studied the bum he coveted and worshiped turn rosy, then red, warm to a mesmerizing inner glow, as if the bubble-but before him was a lightbulb illuminated from within.
Hermione squirmed in that position OTK, felt Ron’s erection occupying most of the available room on his lap, and knew that she was just as ready. “Make love with me…” she softly implored. Ron hastened to comply. But instead of rolling over on the bed to face her lover, Hermione got on all fours, again arched her ass up for attention. They made the beast with two backs for the first time looking in the same direction at their bright future as a couple. She found that she loved this position, he got in deeper, thrust more effectively; she marveled at how her pussy in the doggy position combined to get-along so well in her bed in a way that the two animals never did in reality. She screamed her way through a wonderful orgasm, but unlike in the missionary position, it felt like she was building from this high plateau toward the next one, scaling higher than she’d ever risen before. This one was even more gut-wrenchingly glorious. A thought crossed her mind, and since she already felt like a rule-breaker, she didn’t dismiss the thought out of hand this time. She entertained the dirty idea, and the more she did, the less dirty and more delightful it seemed.
“Ron, hon… have you ever… made love … up a girl’s bum?”
“What? …hell no,,, how could I? You’re my first! …why do you ask?”
“Well, I was just… wondering what it’d be like… I’ve read all about it, of course, and it doesn’t seem that much different…”
“It’s supposed to be tighter in there… or so I’ve heard…”
“Yeah… me, too… if I ever were to do it… that way, I’d want to do it with you…”
“Are you thinking about it?” he whispered as if trying to keep the topic secret.
“……..Yeah… I’ve just had two incredible climaxes, this whole evening has been out of this world! I’m in the mood to try anything and everything…”
“..Okay…” Ron tried to hide his elation at the prospect of what she was proposing.
“There’s some skin cream in the drawer of the bedside table,” Hermione instructed. “Everything I’ve read says that we’ve got to use lots of lubricant. Do you think that stuff will do?”
Hermione quickly discovered that being lubricated rectally was one of the most exquisite sensations ever, particularly while still getting fucked just an inch away! She remembered that Ron had been party to the first time she had ever lied, covering for him and Harry about taking on the mountain troll. Now she was becoming even more of a bad girl, participating in this… act.
Ron was rejoicing in having changed fields of study, tonguing Hermione’s epiglottis was nothing compared to working fingerful after fingerful of cream up her pink pucker, making his lover moan meaningfully and then full-on cum just from being manipulated there.
If Hermione had been reading a story about a girl who climaxed from being lubed up her ass, she would have blushed from embarrassment. But, as it was, Hermione was feeling fulfilled and fabulous as it happened in real life. She discovered that her entire backside was an erogenous zone, getting it spanked, getting it worshiped during doggy, and now…
Ron withdrew his cock from out of her pussy and pressed it against the pink-petaled posey, and with an audible “pop” she was deflowered.
“OH… FUCK!” Hermione ejaculated.
“Too much?” her butt-fucker inquired.
“NO… it’s like nothing else, so intense, so dirty, SO GOOD!” she whimpered.
Ron hadn’t buried himself in her up to his ginger pubes yet, but Hermione began convulsing in the biggest climax of all. Her orgasm triggered his. They both loved it when they reached orgasm simultaneously, just one more precious thing to share between them.
They collapsed on the bed, muscles spasming, voices joined in harmonious howling, bodies locked together.
Ron whispered in his decadent lover’s ear, “Mischief managed,” to conclude their adventuresome escapade.

18 responses to “#864) No Marauder’s Map Needed”

  1. Never read the books, never saw the movies; just no interest in it (My godkids? DEVOURED THEM!)

    But I do remember when the first movie came out and saw a very young Emma Watson in the promos. My first thought: “I want to see what that girl looks like at age 21.”

    About 11 years later I’m reading a story that Watson had just graduated from BROWN!!! An Ivy!
    I Google her photo and – she’s turned out beautiful! (To me.)

    Also impressed since that moment that she doesn’t take crap and stupid from the usual suspects, and is an independent spirit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • She is very bright, well spoken, and often at the fashion galas in haute coutuere dresses. Many of my girlfriends think she’s gorgeous. I like rounder women, but did want to explore these two fan fiction attempts featuring her.


      • There was one other I saw. A movie about women’s sports featuring two teen girls, about one of whom I also thought: “I wonder what she is going to look like in her teens?”

        Yes; very pretty.

        Several years later I’m watching this movie and…”Is that her??? Is that the same girl from that other movie…?”

        Yes. It was Keira Knightly in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” all growed up! And like Emma Watson, not shy about what and who she is and what she will stand up for.

        I think I have a good eye!

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      • “Have you seen her in the movie, “Love Actually”? Radiantly lovely!”

        Yes! By chance. Family and friends watching it Christmas Day a couple years back.

        I didn’t know she was in it until I saw her! Fell in unrequited/unfulfilled love all over again. What’s not to love, amiright?

        Liked by 1 person

      • While we’re on this tangent, have you seen the famous “A Dangerous Method” movie? I wish Keira looked as good in this flick as this true-to-life character as she did in “Love Actually”! And some nudity would’ve been nice…


      • I did not. But I saw the clips and read the interviews she did after. If it was a rom/com love story that had a little spanking in it she would look as fab as she did in “Pirates” or “Love Actually.”

        “Dangerous Method” had beatings and not spankings, so not my thing.

        “And some nudity would’ve been nice…”

        Some years ago in response to an actress (Scarlett Johanssen?) having her phone hacked and her private photos out in the open, Knightly put out a photo of her holding her coat WIDE open with her delicious tittys on full display. I think her comment was along the lines of you bastards are going to steal them anyway, so here! She did it to take the heat and glare off the other actress. She was really angry someone did that to the actress. And she was not the only one actress that happened to.

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      • Everyone, there is a moment in the Harry Potter movie, “Prisoner of Azkaban,” where Hermione hits Draco Malfoy in the nose outside Hagrid’s cabin. She looks guilty and pleased and slightly pained, but mostly pleased. It is such a delicious look that crosses her face. THAT look is what I based this story upon, how she might look discovering the pleasures of getting spanked, etc….


  2. I’m not a “Potterhead” as the kids say but I’m a little disappointed at the lack of magic in this Harry Potter fanfiction. Why would they have regular skin cream? That’s muggle stuff. It should be some kind of ointment made from horsetail and calendula or something. Something that sounds witchy! Or maybe Ron just points his wand at her butthole and goes “Anus Lubricatus!”. Then Hermione can be all, “It’s LubriCAtus, not LubricatUS!”. Then Ron belts the shit out of her for being a pendant for seven books straight

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your feedback, Guason; it makes me reflect on what I’m doing. Loving to exercise my writing muscles, I started a blog. Just this week I started writing essays on-the-fly according to some organizing themes. This is even more extemporaneous for me, and even more demanding. My pieces are what they are. I like your creativity, but I didn’t go in that direction. It’s an experiment. If you find mine lacking, conduct your own experiment.


  3. I loved the books. The movies, not so much. I really identified with the character of Hermione. She knows she’s the smartest pupil, but hates it that some others resent her for it. Not Harry and Ron, though.

    I have read other Potter fiction, but this one tops them all!


    Liked by 1 person

    • I have to say that I LOVED the books, and liked the movies quite a lot. It was a cultural phenomenon!
      Thanks for the praise, coming from the namesake, it carries all the more weight for me, Hermione! I liked writing this story more than the first, but both kind of took control and flowed out of me unbidden. I was surprised to discover what a huge industry fan fiction is!


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