#866) Windy Day Wednesday, Part I

Apparently, some months ago I wrote about “flashing” here, and a reader, Susie P, spoke about how my words stayed with her when she commented on post #856, “Going Commando” last Friday. I loved her comment, and it got me thinking.

Every girl of a certain age is taught to be a proper young lady, to tuck her skirt underneath her as she sits, to keep her knees together or cross her legs demurely while seated. I was given this talk by my mother, while boys of my age were being boys. There was something called “getting pantsed” which meant one or several boys would pull the pants of an unsuspecting boy down, exposing him. There were widely-circulated stories that on the set of the old movie, “Godfather, Part II”, the stars, Brando, Caan, DeNiro, Pacino, Duvall were “mooning” each other, pulling both of their pairs of pants down to surprise their costars with a glimpse of bared butt, and this practice became a popular thing. People in the generation before me “streaked” which meant got naked and ran around in public; one even did so on an Oscars telecast on camera.

All of this is the historical backdrop to our present, where I, and apparently a lot of other women, like to be a bit mischievous. We will purposefully pick-out a short sundress to wear on a breezy warm day.

Then, when that wind inevitably blows, oopsey!, you’ve shown off the goodies, but it seems inadvertent, the “mommy in all of our heads” can’t get mad because it was an act of nature!

We all remember that scene from the old movie, “The Seven Year Itch” where Marilyn Monroe’s character stood on a subway grate in order to cool off when the train whooshed by below. Maybe you, like I, have recreated that scene a time or two, totally by mistake, of course…

Now, up the ante. I like to play for the highest stakes possible in life. Imagine that you happened to do this in front of somebody important, somebody famous, maybe somebody to-die-for. For me, that might be Brad Pitt or Pierce Brosnan. Imagine that you didn’t just choose a short skirt that morning before meeting them, but also decided to go commando.

These were some of the thoughts ricocheting around in my head after several readers commented to post #856. They were the inspiration for this post, and for the fiction that will follow this post in Part II.

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