#868) Thick Thursday

This is a celebratory post; I want to sing about the beauty of big booties and thick thighs and soft tummies, recite a psalm to womanhood, full-figured-femininity. No skinny-assed bitches allowed! Say it loud, “I’m thick and I’m proud!”

Look at that bum! That is the kind of bum where you can’t keep your hands off it, the kind of bum you have to come up behind it, press against it, caress and fondle it, excuse yourself for interrupting her concentration but say that you can’t help yourself, you HAVE TO, she’s just too perfect…!

Look at that Butt! Fresh from out of the shower, you sink to your knees behind it, press your face deep into the crack, sniff the soap scent combined with her personal, private scent, luxuriate in the softness, the all-enveloping wonder of her big butt…!

LOOK at that BOTTOM! You’re at the beach with her, proud to be with her, loving just to stare at her phat fanny, to see how her thong disappears deep up between her cheekiness, wanting to be that thong, unable not to be inappropriate in public, to the degree that others are uncomfortable. You hear someone say, “Get a room!” And you agree with them, drive her back home to your place, to the backyard patio where you can do as you please with her, really get into that ass…!

LOOK at this BIG GIRL! She’s ready to join you in bed. She reminds me of that girl in the “Love Actually” movie, the girl that the Hugh Grant/Prime Minister character falls for, his secretary, the girl her family calls “plumpy.” You love her plumpy pulchritude, her well-upholstered softness. I remember back to when a new lover first saw me naked before bed and he blurted out, “MY, you have a lot of cushion for the pushin’!” That’s how I feel when I see this beautifully big girl standing there, ready for bed, ready for anything, but not for sleep…

That’s the theme for today. We all like big butts and we cannot lie. And we love the girls with those big butts who look back at us, hetero horn-dogs and bi-curious homos alike, and everything about them whispers, “Yes. Go ahead. That’s what that big butt was made for, to appreciate, to worship, to defile. Yes, I want it; yes, I want you! Go for it…!

6 responses to “#868) Thick Thursday”

  1. Oh Jean Marie! You are so right! When I was in my late teens I could not resist my own mother’s lovely big bottom. I used to smack it….sometimes with two hands at the same time, one on each cheek…and the sound would resound around the room. And I would simply say…I couldn’t resist! In fact I think mum secretly took it as a compliment.
    Sophie xx

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  2. There’s a couple on Spankingtube.com whose channel name is “Domestically Disciplined”. I’ve found myself thinking many times that she just might have the best bottom I’ve ever seen. That deliciously delightful derriere has a home here on this post, IMHO.

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  3. This is a late comment and there is a reason for the delay. I assumed that I would stop thinking about the image of the girl at the head of this post, but after a few days I can’t. The nature of attraction is complex and explanations seem so shallow. I simply adore the way she wears the skirt and looks at the camera with such completely justified confidence. Occasionally an image hits me hard. This is such an image and I thank you for posting it.

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