#872) Flexible Friday

I work-out daily. You’ve got to keep moving and active to stay young and energetic. But, even at my age, I already see that I’m not as flexible with some yoga and Pilates moves, compared to when I was ten years younger.

Regardless of what I just said above, I was NEVER as flexible as the photos I’m going to feature today for the first Flexible Friday post!

Come on now! These two women shown above are just showing-off! What they are doing is just insane!

Now, be honest with me; after you saw both of these pictures, did your mind jump (as mine most assuredly did) to wondering what they would look like naked, what fun they would be in bed, how enjoyable it’d be to spank both of them in these contortions, how that would be just the preliminary warm-up to all the things you’d like to do…?

Well then, here are two more flexible females for your fantasy-filled perusal, this time in the nude. From this angle, nothing is shown that shouldn’t be (according to this platform’s vague policy). But your mind is free to wander, to imagine all that these women, with that phenomenal flexibility, could accomplish.

I plan to rotate the daily theme topics (I have a good many photos filed), but I promise that we will return to address Flexible Friday again sometime soon. Happy Friday!

9 responses to “#872) Flexible Friday”

  1. Back when I studied martial arts, I had a terrific book called “Stretching Scientifically” and it worked wonders for me. I’m pretty sure that was the book that mentioned age isn’t a factor in flexibility, other than physical ailments of a specific nature. In general, people should be able to achieve very advanced levels of flexibility regardless of age.

    I do have one caveat: that was 20 years ago, so I my memory isn’t that of a trained medical expert but that of a musician.

    I loaned it out years ago and never got it back. Sorry I don’t have the author etc.

    Now to talk about those side boobs…!!

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  2. Not too long ago I saw a series of photos of women who were so limber (and not caring one whit) that they could put their feet behind their head and give their own kitties a stern tongue lashing. I think it is more enjoyable if someone does that for them, but…!

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