#875) I Got Spanked, I Got Fucked, I Got Creative

I kiss my lover awake.
“Let’s both go freshen-up a little,” he suggests.
“No, I need you now!”
“Pretty demanding for a submissive…”
“So? What’re ya gonna do about it?”
He has a ready answer, sits up in bed, pins me down, and spanks my ass. It is as sudden as a summer storm, and just as intense. Hard and fast spanks, too many to count. Now he’s in the mood, no matter our hygiene. He lays on top of me, enters me roughly, takes me to paradise with thrusts that are just like his punishment, hard, fast, innumerable.
I guess he figures that if I don’t mind having and sharing a stinky mouth, I won’t mind having and sharing my stinky ass. Reaching for the ready tube of lube, he puts a big gob on my hot heiny hole and pushes his sex-slick shaft right in. That’s when the haiku came to me…

Morning breath be damned,
I want your morning wood now!

With our respective roles reinforced, I happily go off to fix him breakfast in bed on this cold winter morn, my entire lower half radiating warmth.

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