#877) Slumber Party Saturday

In my deprived (just kidding) adolescence, I never attended a slumber party with more than one girlfriend. If I had gone to parties with lots of girls, getting into lots more mischief, I might have turned-out even more depraved than I am. (Just kidding; I couldn’t be more depraved.)

The slumber parties that I did go to (or host) were pretty mild affairs. We just stayed up late talking.

I remember one at Suzie F’s house, where we changed into pajamas in front of each other. Suzie had the most lovely big breasts that I envied deeply. But she noticed and commented that I had a full grown pubic bush, which made me feel like I was on the same par somehow. I don’t know if Suzie said anything to our peers the following Monday, but I did notice girls giving me the side-eye in the shower after gym class from then on. So, like the girls with big boobies, I didn’t wrap my towel around me when walking back from the showers to my gym locker. Suddenly I felt like I’d magically risen several notches in my social hierarchy!

Just because we didn’t “do” anything didn’t mean that I didn’t think about doing all kinds of stuff during the long slumber party nights. Me being me, those thoughts weren’t limited to fantasies of kissing, fondling, exploring…

In my mind, I spanked and was spanked by all my girlfriends. As my friends shared their dreams and exploits concerning boys, I thought about sharing my fantasy concerning being dominated, spanked, but I never did. As I think about it, I suppose you could consider my rooming with two other models, Olivia and Ashley, in my modeling trip to Paris as a sort of slumber party. But, in all honesty, we were so exhausted every night after full days of shooting, we all just fell immediately to sleep.

With my strong bi-curious streak, I may be sharing more about slumber parties in the future, ones that don’t just feature talk and sleep.

(I’m adding to this post on the evening it was published. I realized while grocery shopping this afternoon that I have not yet told you the story about me modeling in Europe. I will be publishing that story on Monday. Sorry for the confusion!)

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