#878) Images That Stay

I posted the photo below when introducing “Thick Thursday” last week.

A reader, Susie P, remarked upon it, finding the photo evocative, memorable. (This is where WordPress’ vague yet strictly enforced anti-porn policy falls flat; some of the least revealing photos can be the most erotic in the way that they entice the mind to fantasize!)

Anyway, I remembered that I’d posted a picture of the same model in the same outfit long ago. I searched through my file. (I have several thousand pictures saved, so this took a little while.) The previously posted pic is featured at the top. I thought it was worth finding these two images because I like so much about them, her shapely figure set-off by the high heels and that short skirt, her self-composed, centered confidence, I could go on…

The same is true for these two above photos; they just set my mind to reeling with a backstory. It gets much more difficult when the model is wearing very different outfits, is made-up heavily in one shot and not at all in the other, etc… Both of these sets of pictures were not posted together on the Internet sites where I found them. It becomes sort of a puzzle for my mind to figure-out.

The point is, I really like augmenting my words with a nicely-paired picture, they go together like hand in glove. I hope that you like it, too!

6 responses to “#878) Images That Stay”

  1. I love the full skirt of the second girl, Jean Marie. I find her altogether more attractive than the first girl. Looking at the third picture my mind goes into overdrive imagining the lovely bottom beneath the skirt!

    Sophie xx

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  2. I think the young lady with the short skirt is perfection. Problem for me is the “young” part. Now the second young lady is closer to my ideal age-wise, as she’s young but not TOO young. I do have to admit though, my fantasies turn more and more to middle-aged women and above and, especially, to fuller-figured women. For me, that has more to do with realistic expectations than anything else as I do love most body shapes for their inherent beauty. All that to say, I too like your selection of pictures on a consistent basis. I often find something unique in each of them and appreciate them accordingly.

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  3. Thanks Jean Marie. I love the new image of the girl in the short skirt. I’m fascinated by the strength of my reaction. One might say that it is because I like to see confident girls in short skirts. Alternatively it would be easy to classify my reaction by saying that I like to look at full breasted girls wearing a white blouse. However, I could look at thousands of photographs of girls who met those criteria and none of them would have any impact at all compared with the image of this particular girl. The nature of attraction is complex, wonderful and frustrating. All the explanations I have come across to date seem woefully inadequate.

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    • Thank you ALL for contributing!
      Sophie: me, too!
      elseepa: I haven’t restricted myself according to age yet at 34. Maybe I should, but I’m too perverted.
      Susie P: I don’t think you should dissect your attractions, just enjoy them, thank God that you feel them!

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      • It’s a bit different for men. We have to be that much more careful about improper behavior towards women in general, but younger women especially. And for the record, I’m in 100% agreement with that standard for all men. I do envy that extra bit of freedom you have.

        And now to get back to catching up on your blog and seeing what kind of mischief you’ve been up to… 🙂

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