#880) Schoolgirl Sunday

One of my most potent fantasies is to role-play an errant, impressionable schoolgirl (as a mature, of-age woman). The power dynamic between this innocent-seeming, but actually very corrupt individual, with an authority figure (be that teacher, principal, deputy headmistress, upper-class mentor, parent…) is so powerful, so full of potential!

In this thumb-nailed version, we all recognize the elements. Schoolgirl, still in her uniform, is sent home from school with a letter stating that she has been suspended for smoking in a restroom. Daddy is not pleased with this news, tells his perpetually-in-trouble daughter to sit down on her bed for a scolding, and both know that it’ll be her last time sitting comfortably for a while, as is shown in the photo above.

Once the lecture is over, the lesson must commence, and Daddy tells daughter to assume the position. She does so in such a seductive, even lascivious a manner, that Daddy sees he must take sterner measures.

He instructs her instead to stand, to remove all of her clothing, that this is going to be a very strict, very memorable lesson, one not just with his hand, but with his belt…

You know how the scenario unfolds from there. My “Daddy” and I are going to play-out our version right now. Wouldn’t it be fun if couples all across the world, bridging time zones, and political boundaries, and cultural differences were united in simultaneous play of the same scene? Join in!

4 responses to “#880) Schoolgirl Sunday”

  1. It’s never an adult family member scenario for me. It’s always wife/girlfriend foremost. Sometimes a co-worker. But count me in for Sophie’s headmistress too!

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      • Because I haven’t been to see our strict headmistress yet, I haven’t learned the lesson to be punctual for her. So I dawdle on the way there…

        I will be disciplined first as I’m the oldest and should set the example.

        Before our corner time, I will be disciplined a second time because I was tardy, with you both watching.

        Of course with a guy like me, who knows when I’ll ever learn or how many visits it’ll take until I do…

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