#882) Schoolgirl Shot Similarity

Yesterday, I published three photos to illustrate my “Schoolgirl Sunday” post. The three shots featured the same model on the same set in progressive stages of undress. Compare them to the photo above, please. You might think, at first glance, as I did, that this is another shot in that same series. But upon a little closer inspection, you see that it’s not. Yes, she’s wearing a greenish plaid outfit, and yes, there’s a bright reddish bedspread. But they are different. It’s a different model without bangs, it’s a different set. This is the mental process I go through as I glean pictures from many Internet sources.

I think that this schoolgirl model should be caned mercilessly for wearing both dark stockings and white socks at the same time! What was she thinking?

7 responses to “#882) Schoolgirl Shot Similarity”

    • Yep, today at 3 by the headmistress on the bare, but I’ll be there to lend reciprocal support, hold your hands while she lays into you, and you can please hold mine as I get six of the best, too…

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      • That is so friggin’ hot!

        I had just posted on another comment about our meeting with the headmistress and almost included pretty much this same scenario.

        There’s something about the idea that the punishment I’m receiving is moving another person to be compassionate towards me: standing in front of me, knowing that the punishment sounds exciting while I’m not being punished and then finding out it is actual, real punishment when I get there. Seeing your expression as you watch me being pushed past my limits and finding solace in your tears, knowing I’m not alone.

        And I’ll be there for you when our roles are reversed my friend.

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      • I have a confession to make, elseepa. I am amazed to be saying this, but watching you receive your whipping excited me far more than I ever would have dreamed. Maybe it was standing there with my pants pulled down and feeling so vulnerable, or seeing your manly physique, or the sound of the cane whistling through the air, or its impact, or the way you gripped my hands all the tighter as your caning progressed… but I became so aroused! So aroused that I had to let go of one of your sweaty hands… to reach down and touch myself. Not for very long, I didn’t want to get caught doing something so obscene, just enough time for a quick rub. Did you notice? Notice that I abandoned you briefly, notice that there was more than perspiration on my hand when I re-gripped yours? Notice that my facial cheeks became flushed and hot long before I had to bend over…?

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      • I did notice!

        My initial reaction was one of shock and then a feeling of abandonment, until the next cane stroke…

        Then I understood that your arousal was not cruel or somehow “dirty”. In fact, it allowed me to center on the punishment I was receiving and to surrender to it fully, no longer struggling but truly understanding the lessons being taught. Your arousal was deep, sincere emotion, caring and compassionate and deepened a bond between us that could carry us through all that life would throw at us here at school.

        It was this realization that allowed me to drop my manly pride and finally release the tears that I fought so hard against. And with that release of emotion, I vowed to be your comfort during your subsequent punishment, because headmistress DID see your hand wander…

        When headmistress believed me to be well-disciplined and remorseful, she made me kneel in front of you when I held your hands and demanded I look you in the eye during your punishment for touching yourself. Part of me wondered if I was not allowed to stand in front of you because my standing in front of you was not the only part of me that was erect…

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      • Headmistress is a vindictive bitch! She’s just jealous because I have a beautiful big butt that gets noticed by all the boys, and she has barely any ass at all. I wish I could scream these thoughts in her face! Instead, I silently bend over, and let the skinny-assed old cunt flail the holy hell out of me. We become twinsies, howling at the cane’s cruelty, crying and sobbing, joined in being made remorseful, sniffling, vanquished culprits, in having thoroughly thrashed backsides. I wish I could accompany you back to your dormitory room to anoint your welts and weals with ointment, to watch you jerk-off that stiffy. And then you could come back with me to my room, paint my stripes with salve with your fingers, as my fingers play inches away, frigging myself off just as violently, as vociferously as you did. We are both stunned and surprised that a new erection rises up and stretches and stands tall as you watch me.
        “But you just came…!” I say in astonishment.
        “But I’ve never seen anything so arousing…!” you stumble to admit, but smile sinfully.

        It is so naughty of me to tease you (all, all the readers) like this, to flirt with ideas. I should be punished for it. My conscience will force me to confess to my moral authority, my high priest in the hierarchy tonight. “Spank me, Master, for I have sinned…”


      • That was really fun. I am glad you have Robert and I’m glad he takes care of you in all the ways he can. And yes, we both deserve to have our hides tanned. I will live vicariously through you my schoolmate and friend!

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