#884) Too Sweet Tuesday

There are some girls who are just too sweet for this world. Annibelle, pictured above, is one such girl. Her parents sensed this about Annibelle, and enrolled her in an all-girl school, Saint Alegrias, in the south of France. It is practically a convent, an all-female student body, taught by an all-female staff.
If Annibelle is at one extreme end of the purity spectrum, I am at the extreme other. I was enrolled and sent away to St. A. because I was getting into more and more trouble at home, boy trouble. As luck would have it, I was assigned to room with Annibelle. I moved my stuff in on a Tuesday morning and introduced myself, then we both went to our respective classes, ate lunch and dinner in the school cafeteria, and then came back to the room to study. It was clear that Annibelle didn’t want to study. We sat on our beds on opposite sides of the room.
“Rumor has it around school that you are a bad girl, that you have a reputation…” she said giddily while staring at me from the safety of her bed.
“Is that so? A reputation for what, I wonder…?”
“I heard that you were sexually active… I don’t know about other stuff, like smoking or drinking…”
“Do you smoke?” I asked.
“No, I think it’s a disgusting habit! It stinks and it kills you!” My hopes for bumming a cigarette from her were extinguished.
“Do you drink?”
“You mean other than the sip of wine at Communion?” she asked sincerely.
“Yes, I mean other than that!” I laughed aloud.
“No… but I’m curious about it…”
“It’s no big deal,” I replied nonchalantly. “If you have more than just that sip, it can take away inhibitions, that’s all.”
“I have lots of inhibitions,” she said reflectively, more to herself as if it was an confession, then after a moment’s thought, she returned, “Does it take all of them away at once?”
“I think it depends on the inhibition, how much you drink, how badly you want to be bad…” I answered honestly.
Annibelle nodded. “…And how about sex?”
“What about it?”
“Have you done it?”
I don’t know what came over me. She was so innocent, I felt so depraved by comparison. I decided to paint it as sympathetically as possible. This was probably influenced by the fact that I found Annibelle as desirable as some nearly-sickeningly-sweet dessert. I looked her in the eye. I have the ability to cry on cue, just by thinking about certain sad things in my life. I did that, then started spinning my tale, like a black widow spider spinning her web.
“I was in love… I thought that he was the greatest guy in the whole world. Frank wanted to do it… I was scared, but I wanted to please him. I thought it’d make him fall as deeply in love with me as I was with him… Have you ever done it, Annibelle?”
“No…” she said softly, rapt in my tale. She shook her head slowly, maintaining that eye contact with such big, luminously blue eyes. Baby blue eyes, I remember thinking.
“Well, it’s terrible, Annibelle… His thing, you know…” and I gestured downward with a nod of my head, “gets really big and stiff. It is the ugliest thing you can imagine, Annibelle! It is hot pink and veiny… shaped like a scimitar sword, curved, you know…?”
She nodded her head. Her delectable mouth opened slightly. Her nostrils flared in her cute button nose as she labored for breath. I knew that I had her, she wasn’t even struggling in my sticky web.
“Frank just pushed it into me. It hurt like hell! Do you know that your vagina is sealed?”
“…I’ve heard… the hymen…?” she added.
“Yeah, that’s it. It hurts to be pierced through! A lot… I cried… I begged him to take it out…”
“Did he?” she asked with urgency, like it was happening right then.
“Yeah, it came out slick and bloody, like a newborn baby! And he said that I couldn’t leave him like that, that it caused ‘blue balls’ if he wasn’t able to ejaculate…!”
“What did you do?”
“I think he thought I would take the thing in my mouth and suck it, but I wasn’t about to do that! So he said he had another idea, and he turned me over on the bed…”
“And?” her eyes were huge, resembling her big breasts in her blouse, that were heaving with her heavy breathing.
I let myself dissolve into tears. I’d just watched a Dracula movie on TV before my trip to this school, and I remember how the ingenue seemed hypnotized by being pierced by the vampire. I played it like that.
“And… he… he put it up my butt… and had intercourse with me there…!”
Annibelle rush across the room and held me. “I… I didn’t know… you could even do… that…!”
“I didn’t either! It hurt just as bad! And was so nasty!” I said through sobs.
“You poor thing!” Annibelle consoled, kissing me, holding me maternally.
“My mother came in on me in the bathroom the next day, saw the toilet had sperm in it, and blood, and knew what he’d done. But she blamed me, slapped me, called me a slut, sent me here…!” I blubbered amidst the tears.
“Oh, God, I can’t even imagine…!”
I let her kiss me, cradle me consolingly. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. About two A.M., I woke to find her staring at me.
“Can’t sleep?” I solicited.
“I just keep thinking about how wronged you were…”
I sniffled. “Stay with me… here… tonight…” We both struggled out of our clothes and then got back into my bed. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so was nude, but Annibelle was wearing the most adorable matching undies. They were pink and lacey and it seemed like she was giftwrapped just for me. Having warned her of the horrors of heterosexual coupling, I now needed to convert Annibelle to the other side. We snuggled into each other’s embrace. She was still staring at me.
“Want to know I secret?” I whispered.
She nodded and smiled.
“I have a flask, with alcohol, brandy, in it. Want a drink? It’ll help us sleep…”
Now Annibelle really smiled and nodded. I got it from my hiding place.
“Be careful, it’s strong!” I advised.
Annibelle took a sip, swallowed. Those big beautiful eyes returned in surprise at the taste. Now I could see that they were an identical match to her big-nippled tits.
“It burns!” she coughed, “then warms all the way down…”
“Yeah… all the way down…” I gave it a minute to have its effects on her inhibitions, then began kissing Annibelle passionately.
She reciprocated just as energetically. I fondled those tits. Annibelle threw her head back and sighed. I took that as a good sign and continued kissing my way down her milky-white body. I licked her vagina with one swipe of my tongue like a perverted pussy cat. Annibelle arched up, pressing her pussy toward my mouth. The vampire in me gave her that indoctrinating suck, right where it would addict her, put her under my power. We kissed and licked and diddled and finger-fucked the night away.
I was afraid that the morning’s light would bring remorse and recriminations and guilt, but not so. Annibelle looked as luminously lovely as if she’d gotten a full eight hours of restorative sleep, walked out onto our room’s balcony, and just stared at me some more.
“What are you thinking?” I inquired under her laser-like gaze.
“That I can’t wait until tonight when he can continue our lessons in love-making, your schooling me in sin…!”
What did I tell you? Annibelle is too sweet for this world. The French have a saying, “Tout de suite!” that sounds almost identical. It means immediately, right away. Sweet Annibelle and I fell for one another right away, maybe because we compliment each other so well. She is so innocent and I’m just the opposite. She is honest and trusting and transparent, and I’m an inveterate liar. She is succulent and ripe and I’m a plucker and a fucker. I guess that I ought to feel bad about it, but I don’t. A vampire doesn’t feel bad about converting others to that blood-lust. The spider doesn’t feel sorry for the fly in its web. Annibelle knew I was ‘bad’ from the start.

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