#885) Catching-Up with Recent Magazines

Besides reading books, I like to keep up with some magazines. I’ve found that subscribing to my favorite magazines is a good deal because you save money and there is something to greet you in your mailbox besides bills. I’d like to share with you a few recent articles in magazines that I’ve found enlightening.

In the current Smithsonian magazine’s January – February issue, the cover story pertains to an issue dear to my heart. Some unethical people in Africa are raising lions in captivity specifically to be hunted for trophies. The article is entitled “Born To Be Hunted,” and is illuminating, if distressing. I love reading about the big cats, especially prides of lions. Please become informed on this controversy to help protect them!

Then, in the current issue of Time magazine, Jan. 30 – Feb. 6, there are two articles of interest for me. One is “Dangerous Quest for Identity” which I found enlightening, but the cover story hit even closer to home for me. It’s called “Quiet Down! The World Is Filled with Overtalkers.” I’m smiling as I share with you that in my personal life, I am rather reserved and soft-spoken, I don’t overshare there, as I often do here! I found it interesting and think that you will, too.

I would not have devoted a post to this topic if not for this next article. I don’t receive Vogue magazine in the mail, I have to check-out issues from my local library. In a back issue, published in April of 2022, I found a fascinating piece that I’d like to discuss in depth. It is entitled “The More the Merrier?” and focuses upon Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM). This is a new name for what I thought of as “swinging,” having sex and a relationship with other people while married. As the article states, this is supposed to be more “honest, moral, and trustworthy, like an open-relationship in this age where conscious uncoupling takes divorce further.” By being discussed and agreed upon, it is supposed to avoid the problem of jealousy. Indeed, it is supposed to inspire the opposite of jealousy, “compersion,” which is the pleasure at the thought of your partner’s pleasure.

Without knowing that it was a thing, a movement with a name, this is what was bouncing around in my brain when Robert asked me to marry him. I love him passionately; he fulfills all my wants and needs. EXCEPT that I have this itching curiosity to continue exploring bisexuality with another woman. I do not intend to have serial relationships with women. I would like to find one woman who clicks with me homosexually in the same marvelous way that Robert does for me heterosexually. I want to explore switching with her, I have the burning desire to discipline a receptive woman for the first time, as well as explore the familiar territory of being Topped (to see if it’s different enough from what I already have to be worth making it a regular part of my diet) by her (oh, as well as the lesbian sex). I voiced all of this to Robert before saying, “YES!” He supports this exploration. He says that he has no desire to reciprocate by exploring with anyone else. I do not know if this is possible, if it will strengthen or hurt our bond. To the degree that is comfortable, I will continue to share with you how things evolve. Please check-out this article, if interested, for all the underpinnings on nuanced meaning that I did not mention.

Besides the aforementioned, I regularly read magazines like Vanity Fair, Bon Appetit, People, Garden & Gun, Consumers Report, National Geographic… What magazines do you read? Are there magazines that are popular in Europe (for my international readers) that you read? I’m familiar with Der Spiegel; is it still published?

14 responses to “#885) Catching-Up with Recent Magazines”

  1. Such a lovely butt on your magazine reader!
    I enjoy reading magazines but don’t read as much as I used to.
    Subscribe to Time and Sail magazines. Used to get Consumer Reports but don’t buy so much stuff now and you can find reviews of anything on line. Still subscribe to local newspapers, daily, weekly and biweekly (3 different ones).
    Always used to enjoy National Geographic. The library is a great idea for something like that, I should check it out.

    I presume that most men would find the idea of their partner having lesbian sex to be hot. I love the concept of your exploration of disciplining a receptive woman. I hope that comes to pass and you share that story with us!

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    • I thought mrbillsails was your full name! You are a sailor? My dad taught us to sail on his Flying Scot growing-up. He’d often say when out there, “Sometimes I think I was made for the sea, and all my life on land is a mistake…”


      • The name is something I made up when I was setting up an email account. The mrbill goes back to Saturday Night Live from long ago when they had a regular feature of a claymation video with a character called Mr bill. He usually met an untimely end, often getting flattened by the villain, Sluggo. Oh no Mr. Bill!!!
        Yes, I love to sail. Sailing and sex are my favorite things! I didn’t learn to sail until I was about 40, although I wanted to since I was a young teen, just didn’t find the opportunity.
        I love your dad’s quote! My father and I learned how (taught ourselves) to sail together. It was the best of times.

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      • I’ve seen reruns of SNL and these “Mr. Bill” cartoons. Oh, NO!!!!
        Have you ever sailed on a boat big enough to have auto-pilot? Would you like to be out on a bright, blustery day sailing and you see that the wife (or whomever) is suddenly standing there pants-less and smiling; would you like to combine your two favorite things, sailing and fucking? Her hands in the wheel (so big a vessel that it doesn’t have just a tiller), your hands on hers, you standing right behind her gorgeous behind, you inside her from behind, such a nice big bum to bump against, so warm, so tight a pussy, such beguiling little moans and mews that rise involuntarily out of her as you press your point home, get ready to cum about… “Hard a lee!”

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      • Thank you Jean Marie for the lovely little sailing vignette! How can I innocently say ‘cum about” after this? I have never had sex on a sailboat. What a great place for it, all those ropes!

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      • I am English, but live in Belgium and have previously lived in The Netherlands. I have also worked in Germany, but have never been permanently resident there. For the countries that I know, most magazines are sold in local shops, rather than bookshops. Although there aren’t as many as there used to be, most of these shops still carry a good range of magazines, There is still demand for the printed word here.


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      • Fascinating, Prefectdt; thanks for sharing! Do you happen to know if Der Spiegel magazine is still published? I once did a cigarette ad for Peter Stuvesant brand that ran in that publication…

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  2. The thing with the lions is terrible. People can be terrible.
    My wife, Anna, and I have lived in a one-way open relationship for 22 years. Anna can fuck whoever she wants. I can’t.
    It’s very easy to live with that.
    I congratulate you on your planned wedding with Robert, dear Jean-Marie.

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