#887) When Told That They Were Going to Get Punished Wednesday

In today’s theme, I want to publish a photo or two of someone who looks like they were just informed that recent past behaviors warrant a sound spanking, maybe even more strict measures.

Look at the above zaftig young lady, please. (If you don’t speak Yiddish, “zaftig” means full-figured, pleasingly plump, well-upholstered in all the right places.) Her name is Raven for her jet black, luxurious head of hair (that isn’t confined to just her head…). Raven is a very kinky girl, the kind you don’t take home to mother (I love that Rick James lyric!). Raven likes to be scolded. So after I inform her that she’s going to get her needs addressed over my knee, I give her an earful. I question her at great length if she knows how she misbehaved, if she knew she was doing wrong as she misbehaved, what she thinks such misbehaviors deserve. Raven gives me all the right answers concerning her wrongs, sometimes looking up at me with those big, baby blue irises, sometimes with eyes demurely and submissively lowered to look at her lap. By the time I’m finished lecturing Raven, that lap is awash in arousal. I tell her to stand up. She’s left a wet spot on the bedsheets. I yank her tiny green thong down and her fragrance is released. Being so hirsute, her pubic patch is matted with jism. The light hair in her armpits is strongly smelling of her scent. I tell her to turn around and bend over. The bush obscuring her butt hole is just as thick and just as besmeared with her sexual leakage. I admonish her for getting excited at the prospect of punishment, inform her that just a hand spanking of her bountious buttocks will not suffice, that Raven will be feeling a wide assortment of implements of ass destruction before I’m through with her.

Contrast Raven with Wren (pictured above). Wren is timid and shy and well mannered. She is mortified at having made a mistake. When told that she must be punished for her error, she begins to visibly shake. With trembling hands, Wren disrobes. Even before she has accomplished this preliminary task and is nude, her large eyes are brimming with tears. As soon as I sit on the edge of her bed, she scrambles to assume the position over my knee. She wants to get it over with. She fears the pain of a sound spanking, wants to expunge the guilt of having erred in my eyes. But more, Wren is afraid that the spanking will reveal that she secretly has fantasized about this eventuality. Wren is afraid of the prospect that Raven is so inured by, a little unlady-like secretion between her thighs, overcoming her engorged labial lips. The distraught lass scissors her thighs as I spank her porcelain white butt cheeks pink and then rose. She quietly convulses on my lap.

"Did you just climax, Wren?" I accuse.
Wren can only hang her head.
"You naughty little thing! How dare you? Oh, this will mean a much more severe thrashing than just a little hand-spanking, young lady..."

(Whenever I write cliff-hangers like the two above scenarios, I inevitably get responses asking me to continue the tale to its denouement. Not this time, dear readers! I want YOU to imagine how each punishment is resolved. How serious a thrashing does each girl receive? Would it be fair for Wren to get it as badly as Raven? Does fair have anything to do with spanking a deserving bottom?)

6 responses to “#887) When Told That They Were Going to Get Punished Wednesday”

    • I see SO MANY bald pussies as I surf the web, I just got a bug up my ass (so to speak) to write about one that wasn’t. I like to think that she stuffed her voluminous thatch into that little thong, that it was fairly bursting at the seams with pubes. The contrast of her very pale skin and this startlingly impressive jet-black patch was a pleasing mental picture, at least for me. Imagine what you will if you don’t share my vision.

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  1. If I ever play in a band again, “Zaftig” just might be a front-runner in naming the band!

    I definitely fall in that category. I very much like nude paintings from the Renaissance era and the like. I think the actress Jean Smart is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

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      • You are right about all those points. I’ve been with very skinny women and women during/after pregnancy and I grew a particular affinity for the softness of those times. Nipples, penises and spankings should all be hard though!

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