Jean Marie is the name I’ve chosen for this shy service worker. I’m going to be nakedly honest because WtH, I am a stutterer, so person-to-person meetings are very difficult for me, especially initially. I am in my early 30’s, though feel like a teenager. I’ve packed a lot of experience into my time on this planet; was a professional model in Los Angeles before moving away about a decade ago. In my romantic past, I’d have to call myself a serial monogamist. I just became engaged to be married to the love of my life, Robert, and we are planning nuptials in December of 2023!

I am still fresh-faced enough to honestly be called “young lady” when being told to bend over a knee, I am fresh-mouthed enough to earn a trip across a knee on a frequent basis. I am old enough to know better (or so I’m told when my panties are being lowered), but that never seems to matter. I am experienced enough to know that I have a special affinity for leather implements of correction, and a special dread for wooden ones, and a special, deep-seated need to experience them all. I am often called “oversexed” and I don’t know how to take this. I know that spanking and anal play were potent fantasies until I was about twenty (with a religious upbringing, I was a late-bloomer), and have been integral parts of my life ever since, whether as punishment or foreplay. If this charge means that my sex is as insatiable for lovemaking as my derriere is for discipline, then I am guilty. I am also guilty of being bi-curious and feel no guilt in wanting to explore this side of me.