#261) The Thrillseeker

When I recently ran into my former lover, Kyle, I also briefly met the girl he’s currently seeing. For a while, I thought I’d write a piece from her perspective, but having tried several times, I’ve found it just too much of a stretch. I don’t know her that well; I don’t want this to…

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#260) Vote!

There are LOTS of regional elections being held around the country today. Democracy isn’t free, as January 6th taught us. Please become informed. Please vote if there is an election in your area!

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#259) That Thing We Do

It taps into the deep reservoir of guilt I carry, feeds my need for humiliation.Still, it should be fun!It hurts like hell, often much worse than I bargained for, until I’m in tears.Still, it should inspire smiles and giggles!I’m bruised afterward, with vivid colors, and tender flesh, often lasting for a week.Still, it gives me…

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#258) Matching Fantasies

This blog has REALLY helped me process some stuff from my past! As I posted in #218 “Cinco De Mayo Latinx”, I finally feel ready to move on and start dating again. Part of the reason for this closure is that I ran into my former lover and didn’t fall apart afterward. We had a…

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#257) The Language of the Fan

To wrap-up my writing about the Victorian era (for the time being, at least), I’d like to muse about fans for a moment. I have female friends who are going through menopause, and talk about arguments at home because they want the air conditioning turned down to near-arctic levels. I don’t think we can imagine…

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#256) The Hard-On Fairy or the Dominatrix

I receive some lovely comments to my stories, as well as emails, and for these affirmations I am sincerely appreciative! A comment from Christian_who just now made me imagine that I’m a Tinkerbell-like fairy. My magic wand is my writing and photo selection, and in their wake, I’m leaving boners and stiffies and erections (of…

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#255) A Lesson in Fashion

It probably doesn’t come as surprise that I have a corset in my wardrobe. I wish I had more than just the one. But it is really nice, authentic, the outside made of satin. I don’t know if they are made from whalebone (as original ones were), but it has “stays,” like ribs that run…

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#254) Bridgerton Revisited

“You beguile me, fair lady.”“Do tell… If you hadn’t said a thing to me, I think I might have guessed your piqued interest…”“Are you clairvoyant?”“One hardly needs to be a “seer” to notice the bulge in your jodhpurs, sir.”“My, but you’re forward!”“Hard experiences have taught me that life is short. One must seize the day…”With…

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#253) Two Journeys Under One Roof

Ironically, they share a duplex. They have a wall in common between their two living spaces. They share much more in common, but don’t know it. As is common in today’s fast-paced world, the two women know each other’s names, greet each other in passing, but that’s about all. If they could just slow down,…

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#252) Nay and Yay

Face tattoos freak me out! I saw Post Malone on SNL last night, and he bugged me. I hope it’s a fad that fades. I think Mike Tyson started it. I’ll never get used to that. No matter what, or where… On the other hand, teasing boys with your big butt is ALWAYS in style.…

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A Trailblazer with a Blazing Tail-end
I fervently wish that I could be Out
and proclaim My particular orientation to the World
so that I could write under my own name
and speak openly about how I Love to be Spanked.
If I weren’t so risk-averse I would Revel in openly
talking to Everybody on the Joys of having ones’
Buttocks Beaten, Fanny Smacked, Bottom Strapped,
Bum Caned, Tushy Tanned, Posterior Paddled…
what the uninitiated summarily dismiss as something
childish, to have your Butt Bared and Struck
with a Hand or an Implement until Warmed, Reddened,
made Fully Alive.
Just like when I joyously show my punished/blushing cheeks,
I wish I could Fully Expose my Name, to be linked
with my Lifestyle, maybe be my own version
of a blogging Bonnie or Hermione
or show-off in pictures like Klaw’s of sweet Bettie
or be an entrepreneur like Ms. Howard
or be one of her actresses, like insatiable Kiri or…
Mostly, I simply want to tell my Truth
on the topic I care most about
and then Sign My Name to it,
as my lover just did across my Ass
with his Belt.
Instead, for now, I remain
hidden, as I write my stories/poetry,
post on blogs, contact partners-in-crime,
fellow-submissives to share photos of our
bruised/abused beautiful backsides.
There is the oft-used phrase,
“butt-ugly” but I think glutes are Gorgeous,
Magnificent to the maximus, Statuesque when standing in the corner,
Erotic in the extreme, Callipygous
(all terms that men have coined about mine)
especially when Pretty in pink!
I will whisper the heavily-charged words,
“spank me” instead of yelling them from my roof-top.
I will be forever Anonymous
anon and anon and…

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