#424) Some Things That Need Saying

I love to read good writing. I love to write. Something happened while I was away that I need to comment upon, something that is directly related to my aforementioned loves. I’ve skimmed Salman Rushdie’s writings. They aren’t my cup of tea, so I haven’t read any of his works in my precious little free…

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#423) We’re Home!

Last night we returned from New York (that was the hint in the featured photo in post #422. I loved your joke about the moon, Tipacanoe!). We went to NYC for several days of theater, shopping, and fine dining, then drove up to Saratoga Springs (which is pictured above). There is an excellent thoroughbred horse…

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#422) Bye-bye for now!

The photo above is a little hint as to our destination (one of them, at least). I won’t be posting here for about a week. I do not plan on even reading my email. I want to disconnect. So, I’ll talk to you again when I return. Stay safe, be good to yourself, have some…

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#421) Icing on the Cake

All is right in my world. Robert is back in my arms. To have him in my life is so nurturing, so substantial, so fulfilling. He’s like carrot cake; so delicious it feels decadent, so nutritiously good for me (with the slivered carrots, raisins, and walnuts). To have him want to sweep me away and…

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#420) As of This Minute

I told you that I’d update you on things as soon as I know, so here it comes… Robert is coming home tonight! He also just informed me that he really wants to take me away on a short vacation trip, which we’ll need to sandwich-in fast. I’m leaving with him tomorrow (I haven’t been…

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#419) Sock Signals (Continuation of “Few Words”)

Wren was best friends with Evelyn, and worked with her in the same department at University of California at Santa Barbara. They shared abundant affection, showed true caring for one another. But, like many female friendships, it also contained negative emotions. Wren envied Evelyn’s cool demeanor, she never seemed to get ruffled. She envied her…

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#418) Few Words (Part I)

She had what they call British Reserve, had it in spades. It wasn’t just Evelyn’s high class English accent, it was everything about her. She seemed like a fish out of water living in Santa Barbara, in Southern California. She was patrician pale, always wearing a wide brimmed hat or slathered in sun block, never…

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#417) Air Travel

I took a plane trip a few months ago, and Robert tells me that he wants to take a little vacay with me when he returns and before the school year starts. All of this got me thinking about stewardesses, what a difficult job they have to do. In normal times, they are glorified waitresses,…

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#416) The Push and Pull to Get Through

The pull of travel post-Covid was too alluring for the young couple. They were young in every sense, they were both just twenty-seven years of age, and they were a young couple, having dated one another for just a few brief months. They were definitely in that sweet, getting-to-know-each-other stage.“Fair warning, young lady, you’re pushing…

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#415) Long Distance Booty Call

“I miss you SO MUCH!” I declare when he answers the phone.“That’s nice to hear…”“It’s not nice, it’s torture!” I say even more forcefully. I’m lying on my back on my bed in the nude, knees raised and legs parted, one hand holding the phone to my ear, the other in my wet pink folds.…

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A Trailblazer with a Blazing Tail-end
I fervently wish that I could be Out
and proclaim My particular orientation to the World
so that I could write under my own name
and speak openly about how I Love to be Spanked.
If I weren’t so risk-averse I would Revel in openly
talking to Everybody on the Joys of having ones’
Buttocks Beaten, Fanny Smacked, Bottom Strapped,
Bum Caned, Tushy Tanned, Posterior Paddled…
what the uninitiated summarily dismiss as something
childish, to have your Butt Bared and Struck
with a Hand or an Implement until Warmed, Reddened,
made Fully Alive.
Just like when I joyously show my punished/blushing cheeks,
I wish I could Fully Expose my Name, to be linked
with my Lifestyle, maybe be my own version
of a blogging Bonnie or Hermione
or show-off in pictures like Klaw’s of sweet Bettie
or be an entrepreneur like Ms. Howard
or be one of her actresses, like insatiable Kiri or…
Mostly, I simply want to tell my Truth
on the topic I care most about
and then Sign My Name to it,
as my lover just did across my Ass
with his Belt.
Instead, for now, I remain
hidden, as I write my stories/poetry,
post on blogs, contact partners-in-crime,
fellow-submissives to share photos of our
bruised/abused beautiful backsides.
There is the oft-used phrase,
“butt-ugly” but I think glutes are Gorgeous,
Magnificent to the maximus, Statuesque when standing in the corner,
Erotic in the extreme, Callipygous
(all terms that men have coined about mine)
especially when Pretty in pink!
I will whisper the heavily-charged words,
“spank me” instead of yelling them from my roof-top.
I will be forever Anonymous
anon and anon and…

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