#753) An Important Advance Notice

Robert just came home from work with LOTS of tremendous news. First, he just got a promotion. The poopy-head didn’t even tell me that he was being considered for this, which he’s apparently known about for over a week. Second, he wants to take me on a Christmas vacation trip (so I’m not mad any…

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#752) National Denim Day

God bless America! At times, I disagree with the course this country takes, but today I celebrate all that is right with it. Any country that would choose to honor blue jeans with a special day is just Alright with me! Better than alright, it’s “G-R-E-A-T!” (in my best Tony the Tiger voice). Isn’t this…

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#751) Lines Like a Yacht

It was wintertime, and she wasn’t ready, ready physically to be cold for months on end, but more, ready mentally. So she took all her savings and booked a trip to Hawaii, not knowing what she’d do there, besides staying warm and mostly unclothed. In her string bikini, that barely covered anything, she’d go swimming,…

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#750) Face-Sitting 101

Along with the two biggest events in a young woman’s life, losing her V-card and her anal cherry, I think the next most important rite of passage is the first time you sat on a man’s face. (For us spankos, I’d say that it is the first time you got an adult spanking, but, unfortunately,…

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#749) ‘Tis the Season, I Feel Like a Ho-Ho-Ho

We’re slowly emerging from corona virus restrictions, although I don’t know if we really should be. I’ve been a good girl, playing it safe for about two whole years, but I’m so fatigued with that. I wanted to let my inner spank-whore out to play.For the first time in over two years, there was a…

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#746) Lesbian Slumber Party

I have a new favorite fantasy. Like a movie, I let it roll in my head when I want to jump-start my libido. The movie is based in real fact, maybe that’s what makes it so potent. If just a few details had been changed from reality, my life might have evolved in an entirely…

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#745) Traveling Over the Holidays

(I wrote this story over a year ago, updated it a bit so as to publish it during this special time of year. I hope you enjoy!) Covid and its variants have fucked up the world in a myriad of ways, but Jane thought it did her a favor. Jane met Jim in February of…

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#744) The Bedazzler

There was this tool for sale on a TV commercial years ago, I think it was called the Bedazzler. (I don’t know the spelling, maybe it was Bead-dazzler, or Be-dazzler, or…) With it, you could attach rhinestones and glitter to denim jeans and other clothing. It’s strange to think about, but this used to be…

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A Trailblazer with a Blazing Tail-end
I fervently wish that I could be Out
and proclaim My particular orientation to the World
so that I could write under my own name
and speak openly about how I Love to be Spanked.
If I weren’t so risk-averse I would Revel in openly
talking to Everybody on the Joys of having ones’
Buttocks Beaten, Fanny Smacked, Bottom Strapped,
Bum Caned, Tushy Tanned, Posterior Paddled…
what the uninitiated summarily dismiss as something
childish, to have your Butt Bared and Struck
with a Hand or an Implement until Warmed, Reddened,
made Fully Alive.
Just like when I joyously show my punished/blushing cheeks,
I wish I could Fully Expose my Name, to be linked
with my Lifestyle, maybe be my own version
of a blogging Bonnie or Hermione
or show-off in pictures like Klaw’s of sweet Bettie
or be an entrepreneur like Ms. Howard
or be one of her actresses, like insatiable Kiri or…
Mostly, I simply want to tell my Truth
on the topic I care most about
and then Sign My Name to it,
as my lover just did across my Ass
with his Belt.
Instead, for now, I remain
hidden, as I write my stories/poetry,
post on blogs, contact partners-in-crime,
fellow-submissives to share photos of our
bruised/abused beautiful backsides.
There is the oft-used phrase,
“butt-ugly” but I think glutes are Gorgeous,
Magnificent to the maximus, Statuesque when standing in the corner,
Erotic in the extreme, Callipygous
(all terms that men have coined about mine)
especially when Pretty in pink!
I will whisper the heavily-charged words,
“spank me” instead of yelling them from my roof-top.
I will be forever Anonymous
anon and anon and…

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